Midlands Commercial Maintenance

Midlands Commercial Maintenance Limited (MCM) provides commercial property maintenance and facilities management services to Landlords, Developers, Asset and Property Managers alike.

Before And After of Huntingdon

Owners & Managers

We understand that to maximise the performance of any asset the property is required to present well. Our planned maintenance programmes help to minimise capital expenditure required over the medium-term, aid in elevating letting prospects, ultimately driving an attractive working environment for occupiers too.

At MCM, we have a simple, straightforward and sustainable approach to providing exemplar property maintenance. We deal with problems efficiently but without compromising on quality, so the Asset Managers and Landlords can concentrate on more strategic management plans.


Sound Property Management is not only good for Landlords but also for Tenants.

We undertake regular maintenance to ensure that the premise continues to reflect the quality of your business; as well as end of tenancy “yielding up” works before the commercial property is returned back to the Landlord.

If you have a query, no matter how big or small, please give us a call!

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